As aforementioned in my article about the meaning of life, this is going to be a piece all about the ignorance of racists.

The common perception of a racist is a person who discriminates against another because of a different skin colour and/or ethnic background. Racism, of course, actually covers a much larger ground than just skin colour: racial discrimination usually derives from highlighting taxonomic differences between persons or groups. This could include weight, religion, sexual orientation and, well, just about anything. In a sense, it’s simply bullying somebody because they’re different.

I’m fairly sure that most of us in our lives can hold our hands up and admit we’ve been racist to someone at some point. Quite usually, though, it’s a harmless jibe and not intended as anything hurtful. Unfortunately, in some cases, the roots to racism are much, much worse, and the results can be sickening.

The worst case of racism we’ve seen in recent years was the culling of the Jewish faith during the second World War. Around an estimated 6 million Jewish people died during Hitler’s regime. If we add in the Polish ethnic, homosexuals, Jehovah’s witnesses, the disabled, soviet civilians and prisoners of war, the actual loss of life could be anywhere from 11-17 million people who died for Hitler’s racism.

Hitler believed he could purify Germany into a master race called the Aryan race. According to Theosophy, the Aryan race was a master race that ruled the world from Atlantis some 12,000 years ago; around 10,000 BC. They were one of seven ‘root’ races that man descended from, the originator having lived some 18 million years ago. They are widely believed to be of northern European decent; the Teutonic knights were thought to be offshoots of the fifth race. What is also widely believed is that they possess a far higher intelligence than any other race. This was undoubtedly Hitler’s, as well as many other Nazis and theosophists, incentive to create this master race once more, believing themselves to be of this sacred blood.

This was the justification for Hitler to implement the Final Solution through Heinrich Himmler. This is the whole essence of why racism is so unimaginably wrong. A select few had opinions that the weaker of the race and the people believed not to be of Aryan descent should be preened from society, and millions upon millions of people lost their lives. The idea of  creating a blonde haired, blue-eyed race is beyond belief. Besides the fact that it’s impossible to trace bloodline back 18 million years to a legendary race, which in all likelihood was a myth, genetics don’t work that way either. This is showing the very worst side of racism, how the ignorance of a few can destroy a world.

In the modern-day world, not much has changed. There are those out there who still believe the Aryan race should separate from the rest of the world and create one super-race. The Jewish faith is still as discriminated against because of age-old stereotypes and cultural hatred. Homosexuals are riddled with abuse for a sexual orientation they are born with. Coloured people are stereotyped as thieves and thugs: in many countries they are still treated no better than farm animals. And vice-versa: white people are discriminated against by coloured people. The latest racism is Islamophobia, because of the extremist few who caused atrocities in the name of religion. It’s never-ending.

To change the views that some individuals and cultures harbour would take generation upon generation upon generation. Yet that would be far too optimistic. Some people are far too set in their hatred of anything different to accept and teach the ways of acceptance and understanding: some cultures often uniting together in the hatred of a shared perceived enemy.

Regardless of where you were born, what religion you follow, what colour you are or what sexual orientation you have, you are you. They way you were born is the way you were meant to be, and nothing in the world should make you feel differently about that, the same way that you should embrace all the different cultures around you, and certainly not discriminate against them.

It’s mindless, ignorant bullying. There is no justification for racism, it’s an abomination which destroys lives and cultures.

The only racism I’d like to see is against the racists themselves.


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  1. Well I am currently reading a book called Up from Slavery.. Ur inputs are interesting..


    • No doubt there’s been a lot of progression as far as the oppression of coloured people are concerned, but the problem is still a massive one the world as a whole faces.

      Thanks for dropping in, your comment is appreciated.

      All the best, Mike.


  2. I’ve always believed, and still do, that racism is founded on fear of the exotic. This seems particularly true of white European racism, where often the kinds of people who indulge in this mindless prejudice realise that they themselves lead very narrow and unenlightened existences, sleepwalking along in a little bubble of inertia where exploration and differing perspectives are scary things.

    These people are so intensely afraid of stepping out of their comfort zones that it casts a shadow over their drab lives. Rather than focus inwards and reflect on their lack of living, working on ways to open up their world, they would rather take the easy option of surrounding themselves with people who are equally caged. Now it is always far easier, and less soul-destroying, to blame other aspects than yourself, and envy for the exotic black, asian and other cultures, especially on their own doorstep, is rife.

    Now envy can be an embarrassing and corrosive feeling, leading to self-esteem issues: ‘they are exotic and colourful, why am i not like that? I must be a failure’. The manageable way to deal with this envy is to convince yourself that these exotic people are not more interesting or cultural, but are in fact INFERIOR to yourself. Thus you allow all of the ludicrous hypotheses to seep in: ‘they are dumber/uglier than me/more dangerous/not to be trusted.’ Thus from these you get the equally ridiculous secondary deductions: ‘they should be in jail/deported/not be taking our jobs’.

    This is of course not a generalisation of all racist mindsets, but personally, from experience of people like this, i believe that this pattern of thinking is responsible in a lot of cases, particularly from generations ago. Unfortunately these ignorant people then pass their prejudice onto their offspring, who may or may not be strong enough to think for themselves.

    So in summary i think that much racism is actually based on a feeling of inferiority rather than superiority, which then gets reversed for the reasons i disussed above. Hitler of course knew that nothing unites a dispirited nation like a scapegoat. Why look inward at the complex reasons for your failings, when you can whack a sticker on some ethnic group and say: ‘it’s their fault!’


  3. Was simply because the Jewish had money, and kept it in their own communities. Easy scapegoat, and look how easily people followed.

    Without a doubt, you’re right. A common theme in most racists is a pronounced lack of self-esteem. I think a natural reaction from a hell of a lot of people is to fear the unknown, and from that fear insult the unknown.

    I wouldn’t necessarily use the word exotic, because racism is often aimed at people who are clearly worse off than the perpetrator. Racism in this sense is almost just an ego boost. Which once again goes back to an inferiority complex.

    One of the biggest problems is hereditary racism, like you say. If children are brainwashed into thinking Jews are pigs, or coloured people are the scum of the earth from birth, they know no different. with the amount of people who prefer to follow than to lead, racism is never extinguished.


  4. Very true. Did you see that Belfast riot on the news today? Kids as young as 7, barrelling into police vehicles with their feet, fists and whatever projectile came to hand. This is the true cost of parental indoctrination. The kids don’t stand a chance if they are hate-filled at that age.


  5. Shows it’s all still bubbling under the surface, and will be for years to come. I find it pretty hard to hate anything, which is why I find it pretty incredible seeing kids as young as 5 spouting hatred they really mean. You can see why there are so many extremists in this day and age.


  6. I don’t believe that there is any such thing as a race. If you trace back someone’s heritage just a few generations, it will become clear that this person, like all of us, is essentially a mutt. Any attempt to classify people into a group is inherently arbitrary, having no scientific basis whatsoever.

    I used to teach at an orthodox Jewish school, and one of the disturbing things that I quickly learned was how racist some of these kids were. Apparently, the irony of being a Jewish racist was not obvious to them. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that this racism was largely the result of growing up in a very sheltered community. Because they had little to no contact with people of certain “races,” they tended to believe whatever stereotypes that they might see in the media. One of the keys to eliminating racism, I believe, is to get people who are “different” to actually interact with one another. If real interaction occurs, they will gradually see that “different” people are not so different after all.

    I am also a believer in (and one who practices) “interracial marriage.” If lots of people from different backgrounds get married, it will be increasingly difficult for anyone to be a racist. I don’t even know how my kids will be classified. I am a hodgepodge of different European groups, and she is from India. If my kids someday marry someone from Africa, Latin America, or East Asia, things will get really complicated.


    • Well, I struggle with the concept of race as well. Simply because I’m born in England, I see no reason for patriotism to the land I am born. It makes no sense. Race is often defined by place of birth or religic origin, when as you say; going back generations means absolutely nothing.

      What were the Jewish infants racist about out of interest?

      No doubt interaction between different religions and cultures would eradicate racism to a large extent, though this isn’t something which is likely to happen. People generally steer away from the unknown. The same as interracial marriage would no doubt help, though of course we can’t choose partners simply out of want the help racial ties.

      Thanks for some very interesting points, Paul.

      All the best, Mike.


  7. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, it sums up everything I would have said.
    When will the day equality will come to justice?


  8. I am South African and I’m sure you know our history. We have made great inroads into becoming a non-racial society but still have room for improvement. Our hosting of the Soccer World Cup, together with the great team spirit generated thereby, has been the source of enormous goodwill between the different races which make up our society. Therefore I believe that sporting interaction will go a long way towards aiding not only non-racism but world peace.

    Excellent post, Mike!


  9. Can’t say I enjoyed the World Cup so much being English! 🙂 Sport is a great way of bringing together societies though, definitely. I always find it quite amazing how a 90 minute game can bring together the support of so many people. Such as all the African nations getting behind the black stars, or South Korea when they hosted it in 2002. Though of course, there is the downside of the teams that lose. I’m fairly sure the members of the North Korean squad didn’t get a hearty welcome home from Kim Jong-II.

    Great points Denise, thank-you for contributing as always.


    • The teams that lose must realise that it is not all about winning, it is more about admiring the skill of the players – whoever they are! I hate it when politics enters the sporting arena and losing teams are made to suffer and lose face in front of their countrymen.


      • Yeah I agree, is ridiculous. Politics, hey! Of course losing in North Korea is because they are ‘mentally weak’. If Kim Jong-II is so mentally strong, I wouldn’t mind pitting him against Messi. Dictatorships are awful. Might have to do an article about that.

  10. Ah, this post was refreshing I must say. I really enjoyed reading this.
    Even though, technically speaking, racism isn’t as bad as it was during Hitler’s reign; some of the elder generations are still in belief that coloured/black people are somewhat represented as bad.
    I’ve often came across some of my friends’ grandparents and they say to myself, that they would hate for their grand-daughter to date a black guy. That’s how they’ve been brought up. They are still set in their own beliefs – and it is simply terrible that they will not change their opinion.
    There are many white people out there that do so many terrible things too, I don’t know the ratios of the prison rates, but I can imagine that there are probably (in some cases) more whites than blacks.

    You’ve hit this on the head. At the end of the day, some people will still have their reservations on ethnicity and racism.


  11. Posted by boatacrosstheriver on August 9, 2010 at 23:59

    Hola. Hope all is well!


  12. Hi Mike, where are you – no blogs for ages? Miss you…


    • Hiya, how are you?

      I’ve just moved house, started a new course and am looking for a job! I’m fairly settled, have been here a week now, but the last couple of months have been fairly stressful getting everything sorted. I’ve got a post in the making, I just haven’t got round to finishing it!

      Thanks for the message, is nice to hear from you 😉


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