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Onward Christian soldier…

Like most my age, I was brought up to believe that, approximately 2000 years ago, the ‘messiah‘ was born. As a child, I never imagined this to actually be true, just another fanciful tale told by my elders to instil discipline and structure to my life, much like any frightening tale such as the bogeyman.

How wrong was I? A total of around one billion people would put me in my place claiming Jesus was truly the son of God, and that to not believe in this would condemn me to an eternity in hell. Which is nice.

Thankfully for these one billion, the days of Jesus’ life were recorded by men, and even tops the bestsellers list. Albeit, as records show, quite some years after he died. And, well, I say his life, they did miss the first 30 years out. But never mind, he was probably still the pure human being everyone portrayed him as, I guess.

It doesn’t take too much reading of the Bible to find the common link with many other religions. The pages are strewn with violence and murder, all sanctioned and justified by one greater than us all. Or perhaps it isn’t murder. After all, the Ten Commandments tells us what not to do. Perhaps it’s the modern-day equivalent of self-defence, as religion surely couldn’t contradict itself on the most important of all rules. Could it?

The one thing any religion does insinuate is that essentially man are a flawed race; corrupted by greed, power, personal desires and money (well politics really). Yet we are asked to put blind faith into age-old scriptures written by men. In a time where politics reigned!

Being brought up in a Christian country, from a young age, this is what we are brought up to believe. Yet if fortunes had placed us 6500 miles to the east, we may well have been Muslim.

The Muslim faith has found itself upon hard times in recent years due to the teachings of Islam. The atrocities of 9/11 and the London and Madrid bombings, highlighted the extremist nature of a select few. Yet is this their fault? If, from a child, they’re brought up with no contradiction to the belief that the killing of others brings eternal glory, how are they to know better? Most days you read of crimes for money, as petty as a few pounds. When the reward is far greater, eternal life (with a few untouched ladies thrown in), to them I’m sure it would be crazy not to.

But it’s not just Muslims. You only had to look at the news last week to see a ‘Christian’ oneman mission in Iraq. Armed with a gun, a Samurai sword and scripture, Gary Brooks Faulkner set out to kill Osama Bin Laden. Who could condemn him? Seeking justice for the murder of thousands of innocent Americans. Well God, apparently.

Still, he isn’t the first and he won’t be the last to use a name to cover up crimes. The same way that execution shouldn’t be covered by the veil of ‘law’.

So what is the real evil here? Is it man? Is it simply extremists?

Or maybe it’s religion itself.