Guest Posts

In this page, I’ll be publishing a range of different articles from guest posters around the blogging community, which I feel have a real talent that should be shared.

This is such a beautiful piece composed by Adeeyoyo: a brilliant writer.

Please have a look at her other works –

The Lost Ones

21/07/2010 by adeeyoyo

The Lost Ones

Runaway children roam the streets,
Ravenous, illiterate, homeless,
Scrounging to stay alive
Like stray animals,
Until they discover
Meths and tik give the illusion of relief.

* * *

The forgotten ones –
Where do they belong?
Where are they from?
Ignored by their families,
The sweepings of humanity,
The dregs of society –
No-where’s children.

Where is the help,
Where is the hope?
Abandoned with impunity,
Probably abused,
Somebody’s babies.
But for a twist of fate
It could be you, it could be me.



Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not,
for of such is the kingdom of heaven. Holy Bible


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