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Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Many believe, myself included, that the most powerful thing on Earth is the Human mind. As our society evolves it’s because of a collection of similarly minded people working together for the better of our people. You only have to look at medicine through time to see that.

Life expectancy would average around a low of thirty in the Middle ages compared to a figure pushing nearly seventy in modern-day Britain. This is an amazing achievement in itself, and this is only one aspect of our evolution. Take into consideration the amazing advancements since the times of ancient Greece in sewage works, water quality, heating systems, childbirth, freedom of knowledge, and education to name but a few.

As a collective power the Human mind has achieved some truly remarkable feats. The problem comes when the power is put into one.

For unfortunately, where there is a will, albeit an incredibly strong will, sometimes there is a way.

The wills of certain men can infect the wills of others. In certain instances to catastrophic effect.

Josef Stalin set his place firmly into History book for the repercussions of his famous iron will. Now to give a History lesson on Stalin would take a considerable amount of time so I’ll illustrate a brief overview.

From an early age, Stalin would be involved in many revolutionary acts, rising up through the ranks at a fast pace after joining Lenin’s Bolshevik movement in 1903. After playing a major role in the Revolution of 1917, and the Russian civil war 1917-1919 Stalin would be promoted. Firstly he was elected into the Bolshevik central committee. Before the civil war broke out he was appointed ‘People’s Commissar for Nationalities’ Affairs’ and further promoted into Lenin’s five member Politburo (Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union). This committee was essentially responsible for the policy making of the Soviet Union.

Stalin’s reign of terror began in 1919. He ordered the burning of villages to intimidate the proletariat into submission, and executed many Former Tsarist officers of the Red Army and counter-revolutionaries. He also ordered the public execution of any deserters or renegades of the army.

Stalin assumed control in 1922. His reign was pock-marked with murder, repression and death. In the form of purges, the exile of ethnic minorities, famine due to repressive policies, and executions of anyone thought to assume any threat to his leadership as many as 60 million people died. To try to get your head around this number, due to one mans iron will, he wiped out the population equivalent to the whole of England.

Stalin’s arch-enemy during the second world war was of course one just as notorious as himself – Adolf Hitler.

Coupled, they are no doubt the most notorious two dictators the world has ever seen. Combined, they were responsible for the death of approximately 1/100 of the world’s population today to put it into context.

Nothing shows more ignorance (Nick Griffin) than these two words – What Holocaust?

I find it very hard to get my head around a person who can sanction the murders of over 6 million of the Jewish faith in some of the worst conditions possible.

Unfortunately the wills of such men are contagious. Today you will find many people brought up with hatred in their hearts often as a consequence of the actions of but a few. Take Ireland for instance. Beneath the surface, there is a bubbling hatred still present, as there is in Palestine. Children are brought up from a young age to view the Jewish as nothing more the pigs that should be slaughtered.

A massive problem is hatred seems to override peace and stability. 10,000 people spreading peace can be destroyed by 10 inciting hatred.

Mistakes like this must be prevented in the future. As Weapons become more powerful, and man as greedy for power as ever, the next episode of hatred in our race could end in nuclear disaster. The next iron will of our race could end the lives of 6 billion, not just 6 million.

Where there’s a will, there really is a way.

Unfortunately this could be our downfall.




Scattered across the pages of our History, all through time heroes have been made. The word hero itself originates from the Greek ‘Heros’ meaning ‘warrior’ and ‘protector’.

Greek mythology is a good place to start.  Take Achilles, as famous a hero as any other. Even to date, he’s known as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters the world has ever known, even with a dodgy heel.

The French haven’t always run, they have their patron saint in Joan of Arc. A Christian teenage girl who impossibly united a nation against the tyrannical English, impassioned by the visions she dreamt narrated by her God. And, understandably, she was mercifully led to end her life by being burned alive at only nineteen.

The Scottish hold reverence to the great William Wallace. Leader of the uprising against the notorious Edward ‘Longshanks’ – King of England in the latter part of the 13th century to the beginnings of the 14th – uniting his kinsman into battle against impossible odds, and coming out victorious. Until the inevitable ending, of Wallace etching his place into the book of time by being captured and publicly executed in a truly horrific manner.

How about the English themselves? Who better than Sir Francis Drake – a true English hero. Among his accomplishments, he became the first to circumnavigate the globe and delighted Queen Elizabeth in the return of exotic items and spices not seen before, as well as gold plundered from the Spanish. Of course, that’s where his fame derives from. To the Spanish he was known as El Draque, ‘Francis the Dragon’. After provoking the Spanish into war, he then famously defended our shores from the great Spanish Armada. With a little help from our always unforgiving English weather.

This is just to touch the sides. There are countless ‘heroes’ from many nations across the world.

But just think: what is it that makes these people heroes? Sure, they make a great bedtime story to put the kids to sleep and make for a fascinating History lesson, but has society really evolved if it is glorifying a person based on personal success at warcraft, killing and murder? You only have to take a look at the daily news sheets to find a new hero every week from Afghanistan and Iraq. But are they really heroes?

Where’s the justification in glorifying someone for snuffing out the existence of another. People are very quick to judge the plight of suicide bombers, as they themselves are praised by their brethren for achieving the highest honour in the eradication of infidels and non-believers, but in essence,  isn’t the British media essentially doing the same thing? Politics in the guise of Patriotism. Scores of teenagers are leaving school, brainwashed into believing that it’s their duty to kill in order to be praised. I don’t know what’s worse: ‘achieving’ a medal for war exploits, or becoming a true national hero praised by the national media, shrouded in the British flag. Sadly, over a coffin.

I for one, do not want to stand up and be counted.